Old German Script and Print Transcription and Translation Services


Transcription and Translation

Rates  depend on the time it takes me to decipher, transcribe, and translate a document. This in turn greatly depends on the quality of the material,  the size of the project and, most importantly, the clarity of writing. 

Each project is unique because each handwriting is unique and even an experienced translator must first get used to a specific handwriting. After I have inspected your documents I will provide you with a fixed price that will be included in a written agreement.

German Genealogy Research

Genealogical Research is billed per hour. Research time includes: online research, on-site research, analysis and report, travel time, and communication via email, phone, or video conference. 

Before the start of a project, we will agree on a maximum number of hours to be spent which depends on the availability of known data as well as the regional area. Some regions in Germany have advanced digitized records while others regions maintain only archival hard-copy records.